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Reverse Osmosis Systems for Pharmaceutical Sector

Reverse Osmosis Systems for Pharmaceutical Sector

We are one of the best Reverse Osmosis Systems for Pharmaceutical Sector, Pharmaceutical applications are extremely sophisticated, and necessary for making the medications that save millions and millions of lives worldwide. This means that the pharmaceutical water treatment is necessary. Modern reverse osmosis systems for Pharmaceutical industries, from Netsol Water Solutions, can meet any water treatment standards.

Reverse Osmosis for Pharmaceutical industry

The most well-known filtration technique is reverse osmosis for Pharmaceutical Sector, which is frequently employed in pharmaceutical water systems. It relies on membrane filtration technology, to filter out various ions and compounds. Reverse osmosis forces the solvent (water) to the diluted side (lesser concentration), by creating a significant pressure difference between the semi-permeable membranes, leaving the contaminated water behind.

Components of Pharmaceutical RO systems

An RO apparatus typically consists of the following components:

  • Water pumping units
  • Pre-treatments
  • A semi-permeable membrane
  • A unit for disinfection
  • Storage tank
  • Distribution pipes

Membranes used in Commercial RO facilities for pharma industry

Cellulose acetate is often used to make membranes. These have very small pore sizes that range from 0.01 to 0.0001 microns. The size is created such that water molecules can travel through with ease, yet it retains chemical ions and microbes. Water is carried through this membrane as it is inserted inside of a hollow tube. The leftover water, which contains water pollutants, is collected separately from the hollow tube, after the filtered water has been removed.

Importance of RO systems in pharmaceutical sector

Untreated pharmaceutical water has high concentrations of chemicals, radioactive materials and medications. Are you ok to drink it?  I suppose your answer will be a NO! This is why, reverse osmosis devices have taken over as the main purification method for this process. Conventional pharmaceutical water treatment methods, have mostly failed to remove pharmaceutical contaminants from drinking water. The only water filtration method that has been demonstrated, to be able to eradicate all pharmaceutical pollutants is reverse osmosis.

In contrast to other industries, the pharmaceutical industry mostly uses water in liquid form (or as a cleaning agent), rather than only as an ingredient. Producing highly distilled water, water free of illness, and water for injection, in accordance with worldwide pharmaceutical standards, has become mandatory. Our proficiency in creating top-notch pharmaceutical water filtration systems, has increased along with our understanding of our clients’ needs.

What is so special about our Reverse Osmosis systems?

Firstly, utilizing the most up-to-date pharmaceutical water treatment system increases your manufacturing productivity, and saves cost without compromising product development security and quality.

Secondly, an optional dual probe comparative monitor, for our pharmaceutical reverse osmosis systems specifically evaluates the performance of the membrane, and alerts us when the membrane is prepared to be moved. At the press of a button, this precise degree of assessment, regarding the tracking of the quality of your rejected water will leave you satisfied.

Netsol Water Solutions can help and understand your needs as per your requirements and business challenges!

We can provide our clients with the best water filtration systems, for their pharmaceutical industry because of our expertise and experience. To ensure that our devoted team of specialists stays in touch with the demands of the industry,

  • We maintain a high standard for every part of our service
  • Boost efficiency and cut costs
  • We ensure quality
  • Provide accurate and precise measurements
  • Confirm cleaning for accurate and speedy process control verification.

We make sure that your Commercial RO systems for pharmaceutical sector are properly constructed; they have an appropriate maintenance schedule, and are maintained by our skilled service professionals. For the most efficient and high quality industrial Ro plant, call us at +91-9650608473 or send an email to

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