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Top 5 Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers In Gurugram

Sewage treatment is a basic process for maintaining clean and healthy water supplies in any city. As Gurugram continues to rapidly expand and develop, having high-quality sewage treatment infrastructure in place is crucial. There are several leading manufacturers producing sewage treatment plants for the Gurugram market. In this blog, we will look at the Top 5 Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Gurugram and discuss the key features and offerings of each.

Netsol Water Solutions:

Ranking as the number one sewage treatment plant manufacturer in Gurugram is Netsol Water Solutions. Established in 2008, Netsol has quickly become one of the most trusted names in water and wastewater treatment across India. Their diverse range of sewage treatment plants are specially engineered to handle the unique wastewater composition in Indian cities.

Netsol offers both compact sewage treatment plants (STPs) designed for smaller communities as well as large-scale urban STPs. Their compact STPs utilize advanced moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) technology for efficient and low-maintenance operation. For larger urban projects, Netsol employs the latest generation of sequencing batch reactor (SBR) systems which provide high-quality effluent while minimizing energy and operational costs.

All Netsol STPs utilize robust components to maximize plant uptime and are controlled by user-friendly PLC systems. By optimizing plant design and process control, Netsol STPs can achieve low power consumption as low as 0.25 kWh/m3. This energy-efficient performance combined with Netsol’s strong reputation for timely project execution and after-sales support make them the premier choice for sewage infrastructure projects in Gurugram.

Sewage Treatment Plants:

Sewage Treatment Plants India, a leading manufacturer operating in Gurugram for over 15 years. This firm offers a wide selection of STP capacities ranging from compact plants for hotels and residential complexes to large-scale treatment systems for cities.

A key strength of this business is their expertise in decentralized sewage treatment solutions. For areas lacking centralized sewer networks, STP provides advanced packaged STPs that can treat sewage onsite for individual buildings or small clusters. These decentralized STPs utilize process optimizations like MBBR technology to deliver high-quality effluent while minimizing footprint and power requirements.

For larger urban infrastructure projects, STP employs both conventional activated sludge process (ASP) and SBR technology. Their in-house design team utilizes advanced 3D modeling software to create customized STP layouts and process calculations tailored to each project’s unique site conditions and effluent parameters. STPI plants are equipped with integrated tertiary treatment options for water reuse applications.

Compact Sewage Treatment Plants:

In third place is Compact Sewage Treatment Plants, a Gurugram-based manufacturer specializing in compact, containerized STP systems. Their range of STP capacities extends from 5 KLD modular units for simple greywater treatment to larger 100 KLD plants for apartment complexes or commercial buildings.

The compact design of these STPs makes them easy to install and commission. Using advanced MBBR or SBR processes, Compact STPs can reliably treat sewage to meet discharge standards within a minimal footprint. Salient features include in-built sludge handling, integrated PLC controls, and proprietary media with high surface area for efficient treatment.

For clients needing an ultra-compact system, Compact offers the Nano STP series with capacities under 10 KLD. These highly pre-fabricated units come equipped with submersible pumps, valves, air diffusers, and blowers in a plug-and-play package. Such miniature sewage treatment plants are ideal for remote or space-constrained sites.


Ranking fourth in Gurugram is Urban Sewage Treatment which was established in 2012. As their name suggests, Urban specializes in larger STPs required for cities, towns ships, and other major real estate projects. Using sequential batch reactor (SBR) technology, Urban STPs provide reliable, low-maintenance operation for the high sewage volumes seen in dense urban environments.

Urban offers both circular and rectangular SBR plant designs to match any site layout constraints. Their plants utilize fine-bubble diffused aeration systems for optimal oxygen transfer efficiency. Key features include dual power backup systems, integrated plant lighting, and advanced remote monitoring. Urban’s expertise in STP automation allows their plants to be operated by a minimal staff.

For urban infrastructure projects, Urban can provide comprehensive support including initial sewage analysis, hydraulic modeling, pipeline network design, and complete plant commissioning. This integrated approach ensures their STPs consistently achieve discharge compliance from day one of operation.

Water Treatment Plants:

Finally, ranking fifth is Water Treatment Plants India – a market leader for various industrial wastewater treatment solutions. In recent years, they have become a notable STP manufacturer by leveraging their diverse treatment process expertise.

WTPI provides both compact and large-scale sewage treatment plants based on conventional activated sludge process (ASP), MBBR, or MBR technology. All plants are engineered with sturdy mild steel structures and fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) tanks for long operational life. WTPI also offers advanced tertiary treatment modules for sewage recycling applications.

A key advantage of WTPI is their in-house laboratory for treating challenging industrial wastewaters. This allows them to design robust STPs capable of handling Gurugram’s mixed urban sewage composition. WTPI also provides operations & maintenance contracts for ensuring sustainable plant performance.


Sewage treatment infrastructure is critical for maintaining clean and healthy water supplies amidst Gurugram’s rapid development. There are several excellent STP manufacturers offering solutions tailored for this city’s unique needs. When selecting a sewage treatment plant for a project in Gurugram, going with established local players like Netsol Water Solutions, STPI, Compact STPs, Urban STP, or WTPI will ensure a robust, efficient plant design backed by strong commissioning and after-sales support. Utilizing India’s quality STP manufacturers will be key for sustainably expanding Gurugram’s sewage treatment capacity. So these are the Top 5 Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Gurugram at best price and quality. Commercial RO Plant is the best manufacturer of sewage treatment plant manufacturer in gurugram.

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