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What Is The New Technology Used In Water Treatment Plant ?

What Is The New Technology Used In Water Treatment Plant ?

World is facing water crisis/water scarcity having stress on water procuring systems due to accumulation of impurities/pollutants over those fresh water river-streams, ponds, lakes , reservoirs. This even leads to the water pollution. Now we discuss the new technology used in water treatment plant.

Water pollution has made mandating waste water treatments as well as the water treatment on its alarming state.

Even after the treatment in the waste water treatment plants , the recycled water needs further treatment to be utilized for consumption purposes so fill the gap of procuring fresh purified water made by the rising industrialization & alarming population rise to its extreme pace.

With the technological advancement & up-gradation , this world is leading towards improving the state of water trying to manipulate the polluted water to a stable & good position to be released into the environment.

This has led to the discovery of new water treatment process technique which is well known by the method of Reverse Osmosis(RO). There are a lot of new water treatment technology invented in this current world but Reverse Osmosis(RO) is excelling in every sectors of the industries as well as at the commercial level.

Reverse Osmosis(RO) is the technology that have been adopted to purify water to the extreme level of purity that assure the patrons or consumers with almost negligible level of  impurities present in it which can be intake with no questions to be asked for.

There are several other new technologies like NanoFiltration, UltraFiltration, MicroFiltration etc,. but there utilization has not been done extensively with 100% surety.

Commercial Ro Plant is the best manufacturer of industrial and commercial ro plant.

Process of Reverse Osmosis(RO)

Reverse Osmosis is the process which involved an apparatus fitted with semi-permeable membranes attached to a casing along with the cartridge filters, & a pre-filtering unit(to sieve out the primary coarser sized impurities) out the apparatus.

After the pre-filter processing the water is made to pass through the cartridge- filters, a semi- permeable membranes, then forced to the dis-infection unit where removal of harmful bacteria, microbes are done.

We can see that if there is any technological process involved in any aspects then there exists there benefits as well as there dis-advantages. Few of the benefits & drawbacks are as follows:

Benefits/Advantages of Reverse Osmosis(RO) plant :

  • Water is made safer to drink by removing minute-level particulates, germs , and viruses.
  • Relatively compact-small and simple to use.
  • Used to generate high-quality drinking water from non-potable sources such as waste water or storm-water runoff, sea-water etc,.
  • They are available in many different types and sizes , and they may be utilized with either public or private drinking water sources.
  • It is versatile and can satisfy the demands of a wide range of enterprises, making it a popular choice for commercial applications.

Disadvantages/drawbacks of Reverse Osmosis(RO) plant :

  • It consumes a lot more energy when compared to other methods of water purification.
  • Reverse Osmosis(RO) system components(particularly the high-pressure pump and ultra-fine membranes) are often costly and require routine maintenance.
  • Large amounts of water are discharged as waste-water.
Reverse osmosis(RO) works along few stages that can summarized as :
Primary Treatment of Water:

The process of segregation/separation of solids or sediments from treating water is commonly termed as sedimentation. Gravity in place causes the flocs, which are now heavier , to settle toward the bottom of the basin.

Process of Filtration :

The pure water is now passed via porous membranes, which expels out additional particles present after the pre-filtration . Sand , gravel, dust, & even some pathogens gets out. The filter is then back-washed regularly.

Some apparatus also utilizes Activated Carbons as an adsorbents which separate unwanted color , removing odor , & maintaining taste from the re-claimed water .

Secondary treatment level :

This Secondary phase includes Secondary level water treatment that involves the removal of bio-degradable organic matter (BOD) and suspended particles.

Tertiary Level of water treatment process :

Water-treatment at the tertiary phase is a mix of physical & chemical treatments, including disinfection and filtration. Besides that, biological nutrient removal , nitrogen, & phosphorous removal, & so on are employed as part of tertiary water treatment.

Process of Disinfection :

*Process of Coagulation , Flocculation are mostly employed at the industrial level RO plants attached along the waste water treatment plants(WWTPs).

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