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How To Start Commercial RO Plant Business In India, Costs, And Profit?

How To Start Commercial RO Plant Business In India, Costs, And Profit?

If anyone wants to start a business for a Commercial RO Plant in India or any city within India, the time is now! I hope this piece of writing will help you to think about how can a Commercial RO plant business be started in this country and make big difference in revolutionizing the water sustainability in India. There are a lot of manufacturers of RO plants in India but among them only few leads the race, best  among them are Netsol Water, a leading manufacturer of not only the RO plants but also a diverse no’s . of Water treatment plants like ETPs , STPs , Industrial RO plants etc.

NetSol Water not only leading in the manufacturer but also excels as a consultant of business in water commerce, which gives you a very precise guiding and direction towards the stage by stage process in the setting up of a clean drinking water plant with added minerals(including the jars with a capacity of 20 liters , 5litres , 2 liters , and 1 liters as well).

In India, with the drastic increase in the population in towns and urban cities along with the hike in the  pollution  level(air , water , ground pollution) giving rise to the human related activities leading to the lowering of  ground water level. This in turn becomes the reason to procure more usable , unadulterated drinking water epidemically . People in India have come to their knowledge of the need of this business, which is offering a boom in this industry.

Commercial Ro Plant Manufacturer

The commerce of the RO plant is becoming the everlasting business since each and every industry or restaurants-eateries, schools, colleges, hospitals, etc wants utilize and drink pure cleaned water . Almost most of these commerce already started their business in this businesses and many wants to join this booming business by setting up their own commercial RO plants. Commercial Ro Plant is the best commercial ro plant manufacturer in all over India.

Marketing Strategies for a Business building Commercial RO Plant

One should start their business step by step not all of a sudden to a  greater leap  to the highest point . Starting a business for a commercial RO plant, one should start considering a small RO plant of around 500-1000 LPH(Litres per hour) along with it acquire the required land-space for the same . After considering the following , one must investigate beforehand the TDS and other elements(Water TDS and other elements are differs from place to place) present in water to check upon the working efficiency-fluency and design of the plant.

Reach your probable patrons for the purified drinking water while analyzing the market patterns. After the analysis, and other requirements including the water parameters , one is good to go with this Elegant System of Commercial RO Plant .

Also, One has to procure an approval and get an ISI certification from the Bureau of Indian Standards(BIS) to assure anyone enquiring about the plant and if it is palatable/consumable by Humans as well Animals(specifically pets in the households).

When a person jumps into a business/commerce, he has to get a registration certificate of Small Scale industry since it’s a commercial RO plant, then he must have a Pollution under Control Certificate.

Since RO plant requires the generator to operate which runs with fuels, Environment Lab reports for matching with the water parameter standards set by BIS.

Most Optimal time to begin this business of Commercial RO plant would be the initial months of year that is February or March.

Outlaying/Investment for the set-up of Commercial RO Plant

Commercial RO plant comparatively costs less when put in front with the other commerces in this segment. In fact it also fluctuates and hinge on various components/attributes which can be :

  1. The total dissolved solids(TDS) and other elements , added minerals found in water at our selected locations.
  2. The Transportation cost of plant set up and the procured purified water to the patrons.
  3. The type of land-space that is acquired for the installation of the RO plant.
  4. The chemical composition of water and the source from where the water demand is met.
  5. Water procuring capacity of the installed RO plant.
  6. Bottling and packaging of water at the plant.

From these above elaborated and mentioned attributes, a Commercial RO plant approx. Costs around a Sum of ₹ 50,000/-(Fifty Thousands Only) for a 100 LPH RO plant.

But this costs rises to around ₹ 1 lac to several lacs when the RO plant grows and increases its production with increasing the capacity of the plant .

Profitable Potential Revenues by a Commercial RO Plant

Profit is a key component of any firm. Every person who begins a business has to first consider the potential revenues. For that, we’ll demonstrate how to calculate profit.

Annual revenue for the RO water plant industry:

Production is 8000 bottles per day. 8000 x 365 = 2920,000 bottles will be produced annually.

Assuming each crate holds 12 bottles, the number of crates per year is 29 20000/12, or 24333 crates.

The cost to sell one crate will be Rs. 80 per crate.

Total revenue: 80 x 24333 = Rs. 1 billion, 94 lacs.

Total profit equals turnover minus manufacturing costs.

We now need to figure out how much it will cost to produce 24333 crates. The cost of complete production will comprise labor costs, costs for raw materials, electricity use, costs for using laboratories, and other costs.

24333 cartons of packaged drinking water will be produced at a cost of about 12 lacs per month. Therefore, the production cost per year will be Rs. 1 crore 44 lacs.

The Total Profit is then equal to 1 crore 94 lacs minus 1 crore 44 lacs, or 50 lacs Annually.

So when we talk about the start commercial ro plant business in india. Then netsol water is the best manufacturer of commercial ro plant and industrial ro plant.

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