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What Is Fluoride & How To Remove Fluoride From Your Water?

What Is Fluoride & How To Remove Fluoride From Your Water?

While most contaminants are capable of being removed from potable drinking water using a typical filtering system, but fluorides can be more troublesome to remove . Installing a carbon filter water dispenser , on the other hand, can remove or lower levels .So let’s discuss what is fluoride & how to remove fluoride from your water.Fluoride is a naturally found element in all water sources. Fluoride levels upto a certain level in drinking water can help prevent tooth decay.

What is Water fluoridation:

And Water fluoridation is the process of adding fluoride to the water supply to achieve a level of around 0.7 ppm, or 0.7 milligrams of fluoride per liter of water; this is the ideal amount necessary for tooth decay prevention.

Fluorosis is a condition caused by excessive fluoride exposure as a youngster. This is caused by ingesting toothpaste or drinking excessively fluoridated water and results in discolored teeth that seem chalky white, yellow, or brown.

Here, questions may arise why is there a need of adding or remove fluoride in the water that we drink. After it was discovered that it is utilized to prevent tooth decay, commercial & utility companies began adding it to aid in improving oral health.

There is some debate over artificial fluoridation , with false allegations that it causes problems from allergies to arthritis to autism to cancer. Scientific evidence demonstrating no correlation refutes these assertions. However, one research found a relationship between extremely high fluoride levels and poor IQ in Chinese young aged people.

With the current guidelines laid by the government authorities regarding the correct dose of fluoride in water is approx. 1-1.5 mg/L. In excess, however, it can produce negative effects such as dental fluorosis, which can discolor and pit your teeth.

That’s why to maximize advantages and prevent negative effects, government officials recommend a safe dose of 1-01.5mg/litre of water.

How fluoride is removed from Water? There is no way one can completely eliminate/remove fluorides, but there are various methods through which fluoride levels can be minimize to a possible greater extent . Methods can be :

Process of Reverse Osmosis(RO) :

Fluoride levels can be minimized up to 80-90% of it total amount already present .

One of the most prevalent methods for removing fluoride from drinking water is reverse osmosis(RO) water filtering . A reverse osmosis system can eliminate up to 90% of fluoride & hundreds of other pollutants present in trace quantities in drinking water. A reverse osmosis filtering system combines several water-filters & a semi-permeable membrane to remove up to 99.9 per cent of  TDS(total dissolved solids) , including chlorine , bacteria & viruses, VOCs , heavy metals , & pesticides .

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In a Reverse Osmosis Process , Before being pressurized against the semi-permeable membrane, water goes through many filter stages. Impurities bigger than water molecules bounce off the membrane and are discharged from the reverse osmosis system with a tiny amount of effluent. The faucet receives clean, nutritious, fluoride-free water.

Water Distiller filtering :

Fluoride levels can be minimized up tp 90-100%.

Another extremely successful method for removing more than 99% of fluoride from drinking water is to use a water distiller device. This efficient filtering system can be assembled on your countertop and plugged into an electrical outlet in minutes.

To use a distiller to decrease fluoride, fill the unit’s boiling chamber with water & turn on the machinery. The water is boiled and evaporated in the distiller. This water vapor condenses in a different section of the distiller. The condensed water drips from the spout and fills a clean pitcher.

The vast majority of pollutants , such as fluorides , salt , water-hardness , & dissolved particles , are unable to evaporate with water & are thus trapped in the boiling chamber . These pollutants are removed when the boiling chamber is cleaned thoroughly . The most significant  dis-advantage of water distillers  is the slow rate of distillation , which can take up to 5(five) hours  to generate just 1(one) gallon of  distilled fluoride-free water .

Filtering utilizing Activated Alumina :

Minimizing fluoride levels up to 70-99%.

Activated alumina filters , which are comprised of aluminum oxide , are often used to remove 70 percent to 99 percent of fluoride from a public water supply. To combat fluoride in drinking water at home , an activated alumina filter can be used. This filter requires a rather slow water flow & a low pH. This sort of filter may be put in your house as an inline filter, but it may also need to be linked to an existing filtration system.

Filtering Water utilizing Bone Charcoal Carbon :
Minimizing fluoride levels up to 90 percent.

One of the oldest types of filtration, bone char charcoal, is another efficient approach purifying a fluoride water source. It is more efficient than reverse osmosis since it does not waste water during the filtration process.  Bone char is created by a meticulous procedure that improves the charcoal’s adsorption capacity. Bone char filters are typically added to a larger filtering system capable of removing not just fluoride, but also a wide range of toxins from a local water supply, such as chlorine and lead.

Out of the following methods that we have discusses , most trending and reliable method of fluoride removal is the reverse osmosis(RO) process where not only fluoride is removed but also many harmful hazardous impurities and pollutants.

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