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Commercial RO Plant for Resorts

Commercial RO Plant for Resorts

Are you looking for commercial RO plant for resorts & hotel industry near you? If yes, then you are at right place. We at Netsol India’s leading revers osmosis plant manufacturer for industrial as well as commercial purposes.

The quality of water used in food service or given to hotel guests immediately affects the customer experience, which is the key to success in the hospitality sector. Your guests’ experience will be enhanced by better-tasting ice, water, coffee and other vended beverages, as well as softer, more vibrant linens, if you improve the quality of your water. Treated water is also required to maintain the efficiency and dependability of additional facilities including hot water, cooling towers, boilers, ice makers and laundry services. In addition to increasing the value of your business, cleaning your incoming water can increase the lifespan and lower maintenance requirements for the equipment and appliances in your premises.

Water issues in resorts

The standard of the water used in resorts and hotels has a significant impact on how well the guests are treated. Resorts are distinguished from hotels by their exceptional customer service and water features like big pools and Jacuzzis.

The total dissolved solids (TDS) account is quite high because the feed source is a well, and it must be treated in order to appropriately deliver these services. A water treatment system would be needed to supply filtered water throughout the resort and improve the level of service and experience for the visitors because the well water has high TDS of around 5,000 ppm but the water quality needed for these applications should be less than 20 ppm.

What is the possible solution?

  1. The six-stage Commercial RO Plant yields ultra-pure water effectively and sustainably. In order to lessen the risk of the feed water bio-fouling the machinery, the process starts by pre-chlorinating the water.
  2. To minimize suspended particles and remove turbidity, multimedia filters are used to pump water through.
  3. The common increased levels of iron and manganese present in well water are then removed using a green sand filter.
  4. The water then goes through a carbon filter designed to remove organics and free chlorine.

Features of Commercial RO Plants for resorts

  • Corrosion-resistance
  • High criteria for durability
  • Requires less up-keep
  • Reliable use

Product specification

ManufacturerNetsol Water Solutions
RO Capacity200-700 LPH
Number of Membranes in RO2, 3, 4, 5
Material of ConstructionFRP/ Stainless Steel
Automation GradeAutomatic or Semi-Automatic
Max Water Recovery Rate50-60 %
Number of Filtration Passes2

Advantages of Commercial RO Plant for resorts

  • Pure, tasty water, coffee and convenience-sold beverages.
  • Fresh taste, clean and crystal clear ice.
  • Dishes, tableware and glassware are spotless after pre-treatment with water softeners.
  • Softer and more vibrant linens.
  • Decreased scale accumulation on machinery and fittings.
  • Longer equipment life and less maintenance expenses.
  • Reduces the use of detergent and cleaning agents by 30–35%.

Netsol Water would like to present ourselves as a wealthy company that provides top-notch Resort RO Plants. The offered plant is created at our production facility utilizing quality-assured components and cutting-edge methodology, all while being strictly supervised by expert engineers. This plant is carefully inspected against a number of quality measures in order for us to produce a product that is free of defects.

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