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Which Areas In India Are Affected By Fluoride ?

Which Areas In India Are Affected By Fluoride ?

Water is one of the most basic essentials of existence. Several pollutants, including nitrate, zinc, arsenic, lead, chloride, sulfate , & fluoride , can pollute our groundwater. Water can also be contaminated by microbes. So let’s talk about Which Areas In India Are Affected By Fluoride. In India , epidemic Fluorosis caused by overexposure to fluoride concentrations in groundwater is a public health issue.

Fluoride levels in water rise owing to the presence of natural rocks, which are high in fluoride sources.

Some authorities, such as the WHO(World Health Organization), APHA(American Public Health Association), ISI(Indian Standard Institutions) 1991, & CPCB(Central Pollution Control Board), established fluoride limitations in drinking water.

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What is Fluoride Contamination?

When fluoride level exceeds the maximum allowed/standardized limits set by the authorities concerning water parameters in various sources of fresh water such as river-streams, groundwater, lakes, ponds , it is referred as Fluoride Contamination

Permissible Limits of Fluoride in water

As per World Health Organization(WHO) along with Indian Council of Medical Research(ICMR) the permissible limit is ranged >1.0 ppm or 1.5 ppm.

Generally, Fluoride levels in water range from 1.0 to 400 mg/L.

Consequences for the excess & scarce fluoride contents in water

Beyond this permissible limit that is greater than 1.5 ppm leads to the dental problem called as fluorosis, & beyond furthermore concentration eventually leads to Skeletal Fluorosis.

And if the fluoride content is less than these limits, water with fluoride helps in protecting dental damages.

Dental Fluorosis

Fluoride ingestion in excess causes a loss of shine in the tooth enamel. White, opaque patches on the tooth surface indicate dental fluorosis.

When the stains are serious, they become reddish brown to black, & the teeth begin to pit.

Skeletal Fluorosis

This affects both children & adults. Fluoride deposits in the joints of the neck, knee, pelvic, & shoulder bones make it difficult to move or walk in the advanced stage.

Joint discomfort, back stiffness, a burning feeling, tingling in the limbs, muscular weakness, & persistent weariness are all symptoms. It induces osteoporosis & bone outgrowths in later stages.

Vertebrae can sometimes merge, resulting in paralysis. It can also cause bone cancer & eventually harm the spine, major joints, muscles, & neurological system.

Rare Issue Observed

Excess Fluorides can cause low hemoglobin , headaches(specifically migraine) , skin rashes , anxiousness , neurological disorders , gastro-intestinal problems , urinary-tract malfunctions/infections , stomach discomfort , lowered immunity, gynae problems , male sterility , & other symptoms in severe situations .

Fluoride content in excess can also leads to liver , renal(kidney) , digestive , & respiratory suffocation .

Situation in India

India’s Ground water is fully contaminated with fluorides , flooding of water with fluorides content in excess .

In mostly the rural areas/regions , for fresh water thousands of bore -wells , hand-pumps are dug out & those ground water is extracted out but since fluoride level in Indian ground water is much higher than any other pollutants .

Ground water situation in 23 States out of the country’s 28  states & 9 union territories(UTs) has been found to be polluted by fluoride at varied quantities .

Fluoride-contaminated ground water is found in 70-100% of districts in Andhra Pradesh , Gujarat , Rajasthan , & Telangana , & 40-70% of districts in the remaining states .

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The mean concentration of Fluoride Ion(F) in groundwater from diverse locations of different Indian states was provided in a particular research.

It was discovered/investigated by researches & surveying that areas of these states are affected/impacted such as:
  • Madhya Pradesh (5.98 mg/L),
  • Punjab (4.67 mg/L),
  • Chattisgarh (3.80 mg/L),
  • Rajasthan (3.30 mg/L),
  • Karnataka (2.56 mg/L),
  • Andhra Pradesh (2.03 mg/L),
  • Maharashtra (1.70 mg/L),
  • Haryana (1.65 mg/L),
  • Telangana (1.64 mg/L),
  • Uttar Pradesh (1.63 mg/L),
  • Bihar (1.54 mg/L)

These States  have a higher concentration of Fluoride(F==) ions more than that of permissible limits set up by the BIS(Bureau of Indian Standards) & WHO(World Health Organization).

To provide safe, clean & secure water for drinking, the traditional water extraction methods must be stop to protect people for sufferings. New techniques & technologies must be employed such as Reverse Osmosis, Desalination, ETPs-STPs etc to purify water & secure for intake consumptions. So these are the areas in india are affected by fluoride.

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