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Difference Between Water Softener and RO System

Difference Between Water Softener and RO System

What is the difference between Water Softer Plants and Reverse Osmosis systems?

Nowadays, choosing the best water purification system is a quite hectic task for any business or household. There is a wide range of water purification, softening, and filtration system availability. If you need proper clean and purified water, then choosing the right water purifications system plays a major role. Thus, it is very much important that you get proper knowledge and research before choosing what is the best water treatment plant or system is the best to fit your need.

Every house owner or business is often confused between a water softener and RO System, whenever they need to improve their water quality for their specific purposes. So before going to select it’s mandatory to understand, each of the available water treatment systems. There are different kinds of treatment systems available like as- wastewater treatment plants, water softeners, RO systems, etc. This article will help you to know the difference between water softener & ro system.

Before difference we need to know about these two.

What is Water Softener?

Water Softeners are designed to remove the water hardness (combinations of Magnesium & Calcium) by using a process which is known as ion exchange. Hard water is which contains high concentrations of different kinds of dissolved minerals like – calcium and magnesium between 120 – 180 PPM. Any kind of water above this limit is very hard and below this is mildly hard.

How Hard water Converted into Soft water?

In Water softeners, charged sodium ions used in sodium chloride contained brine tank during the regeneration process. The calcium and magnesium are exchanged for sodium in contact with the resin bed. That’s how the hard water is changed into soft water.

Water Softener Needs

Groundwater which came from bore wells, tube wells, hand-pumps, and wells is hard in nature. It is just because water is a universal solvent and absorbent of the minerals, it travels beneath the ground from the earth’s crust. It helps to scale pipes, water heaters, boilers to scale and shorten their lifespan.

Water Softeners Benefits-

  1. Cleaner and shinier glassware, silverware, mirrors, tiles, or any plumbing fixtures.
  2. Softer skin and clean, smooth hair.
  3. Brighter laundry
  4. Usage and cost of soap and shampoo reduce by 75% because of the rich lather softened water and soap produces.
  5. Extend the life of water equipment such as water heaters, ice makers, coffee machines, dishwashers, and laundry equipment.
  6. Saves money on monthly energy costs and damages to appliances.

What is RO System?

The process of removing dissolved solids and sediment is used in RO Systems. Reverse Osmosis uses pressure pumps to push the water in different filters named as- carbon filter/sediment filter, RO Membrane, and post-filter of activated carbon. By this process, a RO System ensures that all kinds of impurities are removed successfully from raw water. And generate pure, and good in taste water to end-user.

The Reverse Osmosis System is one of the best water purification processes to reduce and remove impurities effectively which can be organic or inorganic.

When Does RO System is needed?

Water via softener can be used for every purpose except drinking. It only removes the hardness of water but the TDS level of water does not change. Here the role of the RO System is introduced, it maintains the water TDS as per the approved level by the process of water purification.

Reverse Osmosis System Benefits-

  1. Reduces 90% of dissolved pollutants
  2. Removes Heavy metal contaminants
  3. Removes Pesticides
  4. Removes Organic impurities
  5. Enhances the taste of water
  6. A continuous flow of safe water
  7. Offers different levels of purification
  8. Its compact size ensures that it can be fitted anywhere (home or commercial establishments) without any hassle.

Difference between Water Softners plant (WSP) and Reverse Osmosis Systems (RO Plant)

  1. Water Softeners reduce hardness from water whereas Reverse Osmosis System (RO Plants) helps to purify water for drinking & other purposes.
  2. Water Softeners use ion exchange to replace the minerals which cause water to be hard with potassium or sodium, to make your water soft, While RO systems reduce minerals, salt, bacteria, and other impurities from the water.
  3. Water Softener helps ro system to edge by the hardness of water, while RO System maintains the TDS to help humans.
  4. Softeners will give you soft water by removing the minerals which make water hard. RO System gives you drinking water by removing impurities from the water.

A Water Softener and Reverse Osmosis Plant are a great pair that will reduce your expenses, plus provide you with outstanding, quality water.

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