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Tap Water & its adverse health effects

Tap Water & its adverse health effects

what is the Tap Water & its adverse health effects? Is Indian tap water safe to drink? NOT AT ALL! Everyone consumes water that has been boiled, filtered or purified using reverse osmosis (RO) technology. As long as filtered or RO water is readily available, we DO NOT BUY PLASTIC BOTTLED WATER. Even at 5-star hotels, we never drink tap water.

How does the tap Tap Water & its adverse health effects?

This is the first factor that makes it difficult to discuss tap water in India generally. Clean springs in the Himalayas, groundwater, aquifers or the Ganges for many villages may all be the source of the water. Unfortunately, all of India’s freshwater sources have been contaminated by humans by this point. In addition, some areas are experiencing a severe water deficit, while others are constantly experiencing flooding.

Typical pollutants that make tap water dangerous to drink

The fact that the water you receive at your residences is unsafe to directly consume is not a secret!

You are extremely susceptible to illnesses if you don’t use some sort of water purifier to clean your water source. These poisons pose no threat to our health when present in small doses. However, the pollutants in the atmosphere have reached alarmingly high levels due to modern pollution.

The typical contaminants that can be detected in water today are listed below.

Sewage: There are billions of people on the earth, which generates enormous amounts of waste. The actual cause of today’s water contamination is unauthorized transfer of sewage, which is frequently discharged untreated into water bodies. Untreated sewage can affect the immediate environment surrounding people and can also result in water-borne illnesses like cholera and loose stools. Additionally, untreated sewage includes significant amounts of biodegradable natural mixtures. This waste disintegrates, consumes the available broken-up oxygen in the water body and causes problems for marine life.

Synthetic organic compounds: Common examples of synthetic mixtures contaminating water are pesticides, cleansers and medications. The majority of these mixtures are poisonous and because they are resistant to corruption, they remain in the water for a considerable amount of time. These artificial mixtures in water can be quite dangerous to the human body when consumed over long periods of time. They can result in substance abuse, nausea, seizures and on-going health problems. These mixtures include some cancer-causing ingredients as well.

Oil Pollution: It does not only refer to massive oil slicks caused by accidents in the sea or the ocean. Only 12% of the oil contamination that occurs in the world is in the form of oil slicks. Oil from food and other sources finding its way into channels is what’s responsible for the rest.

Other Waste: Processing facilities can illegally dump heavy metals, including lead, cadmium and mercury, which are frequently used in batteries, into the water. Radioactive waste is another type of waste that is extremely dangerous to health and the biological system. Manufacturing facilities that recycle nuclear power plant waste fuel frequently leak wastewater into the ocean, which contaminates various water sources and is carried by marine currents.

Now, you may ask! Do I require a water filter or RO Plant?

Yes, it is strongly advised! In general, filtered tap water is more affordable, practical, safe and environmentally beneficial.

In India picking RO Plant can be challenging. Since there are so many potential pollutants, a single method like activated carbon, reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, UV radiation, or ion exchange won’t be sufficient. For treated public tap water, two are often needed, but untreated water requires three or more.

Get your customized RO Plants from Netsol Water Solutions!

With an experience of over 10+ years, we saw our waters deteriorating and what we want to do is! HELP!

To minimize water pollution and provide safe drinking water to our people, we manufacture and install commercial and industrial RO plants to filter water from harmful contaminants. We take responsibility and a helping hand to the Govt. of India to save our water resources because we are already a water stressed country! We as good citizens have to take responsibility by taking small steps towards a blue future with water.

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