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How Much Investment Is Required For Commercial RO Water Plant?

How Much Investment Is Required For Commercial RO Water Plant?

Any individual who aspires to boom up his/her business, investigating which business could help him reach his/her high, then suggestion would be he/she must start investing in a business of a Commercial RO Plant in India states & belonging cities within Indian states , he can for sure & the time is now! So lets discuss now how much investment is required for commercial ro water plant. This part of writing will encourage you to have a thought about how can a Commercial RO plant business be installed & set-up in this country & through this make a big difference in revolutionizing/changing the water sustainability in India.

Netsol Water :

Widespread awareness programmes of conserving water has radically shoot-up the number of manufacturers of  these commercial RO plants in India but among them only few leads the race , winner one among them is Netsol Water.

” Netsol Water ” is one of the best water treatment plant(WTP) & other Treatment plant production firm/company including RO plants as well .  

Netsol Water not only winning in the race of manufacturer but also excels/leads as a consultant of business in water commerce , which gives you a very precise correct guiding  & counseling in the step by step process in the installation/setting up of a clean potable drinking water plant with added required minerals(including the jars with a capacity of 20litres , 5litres bottles, 2litres bottles , & also 1litres as well).

In India, with the immense rising in the population in towns & urban cities with the spiking pollution  level(air , water , ground pollution) causing a rise to the human related activities leading to the lowering of  ground water level.

This in turn becomes the reason to procure more utilizable , un-adulterated drinking water epidemically . People in India have come to their knowledge of the need of this business, which is offering a boom in this industry.

The commerce of the RO plant is becoming the everlasting business since each & every industry or restaurants-eateries, schools, colleges , hospitals , etc wants utilize & drink pure cleaned water .

Almost most of these commerce/businesses beforehand started their business in this business trade & numerous others also desires to be part of this booming business  by setting up/installing their own commercial RO plant .

Marketing Strategies for a Business investing in building Commercial RO Plant

Companies/individuals should start their business in a step by step procedure since plants are gradually build-up not all of a sudden to a  greater leap  to the highest point . 

Users should start considering a small RO plant initially, of around 500-1000 LPH(Litres per hour)  Also, with it procure the required land-space for the same thing .

After considering the following , one must investigate beforehand the TDS & other elements(Water TDS & other elements are differs from place to place) present in water to check upon the working efficiency-fluency & design of the plant.

Reach your probable patrons/stakeholders/consumers for the purified drinking water while analyzing the market patterns. After the analysis ,  & other requirements including the water parameters , one is good to go with this Elegant System of Commercial RO Plant .

Also, Company/individual has to procure an approval & get an ISI certification from the Bureau of Indian Standards(BIS) to assure anyone enquiring about the plant & if it is palatable/consumable to the people throughout the ecosystem including Animals(specifically domesticated pets in the households) .

When a trading commerce/business-individual ready to bat into this business/commerce, he/she has to get a registration certificate(RC) of Small-Scale industry

Since it’s a commercial Reverse Osmosis(RO) plant, then it’s a must  to acquire a Pollution under Control Certificate(PUCC) since RO plant requires the generator to operate which runs with fuels, Environment Lab reports for matching with the water parameter standards set by BIS.

The Ideal time/season that is acceptable to begin the business of Commercial RO plant would be the initial months of the year which is February or March.

Amount Investment for setting-up of a Commercial RO Plant

Commercial RO plant comparatively costs less when put in front with the other commerces in this segment, in fact it also fluctuates & hinge on various components/attributes which can be :

  1. The total dissolved solids(TDS) & other elements , added minerals found in water at our selected locations.
  2. The Transportation cost of plant set up & the procured purified water to the patrons.
  3. The type of land-space that is acquired for the installation of the RO plant.
  4. Water procuring capacity of the installed RO plant.
  5. Bottling & packaging of water at the plant.

From these above mentioned characteristics, a Commercial RO plant approx. costs around a Sum of  ~₹ 80,000/-(Eighty Thousands Only) for a 100 LPH RO plant.

Now, we will be diving into details of how much Investment required for a commercial RO Plant along  with the overall charges included :

Different capacity(LPH) of RO plant different amount( in ₹) for set-up & installation.

250 Litres per Hour(LPH) of supply system

Amount(in Rupees) of a single plant unit(including labour charges, set-up charges, connection charges etc) : ₹ 235000 /-.                                                                                                        

Total gross amount(in Rupees)per year while in operation is : ₹ 147488/- .                                   

500 Litres per hour -LPH of Supply system Treatment Plant

Amount(in Rupees) of a single plant unit(including labour charges, set-up charges, connection charges etc) : ₹ 275,000 /- .                                                                                                    

Total overall amount/year is :  ₹ 283,123 /- .                                                                                  

1000 Litres per hour(LPH) of Supply system :

Amount of a single plant unit(including labour charges, set-up charges, connection charges etc) ₹580,000/-

Total overall amount per year while in operation is : ₹ 473,673/- .

2000 litres per hour -LPH of Supply system of water treatment plant :

Cost of a single plant unit(including labour charges, set-up charges, connection charges etc) : ₹705,000/-

Total overall cost/year while in operation is : = ₹ 691,102/- .

So we can witness  from this that this amount(in ₹) rises to around several lacs when the RO plant grows & increases its production with increasing the capacity of the plant .

So now you know the article you know how much investment is required for commercial ro water plant.



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