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Commercial RO Plants for Hotels

Commercial RO Plants for Hotels

Hotels are under tremendous pressure to provide their patrons with the perfect escape. Delivering the finest quality water is essential to improving the overall customer experience given the variety of water applications that the hotel sector offers. that’s why commercial Ro Plants for Hotels very useful.

Whether it is the water quality of swimming pools and spas, drinking water or cooking water, ultra-purified water highlights the most important services that take into account the whole experience of the consumers. As a result, using a Commercial RO Plant in a hotel is essential to giving customers the finest experience possible. It is also an environmentally friendly change that will aid in lowering the establishment’s carbon footprint because it saves resources.

Commercial RO Plants for Hotels

For hotels and restaurants in India, Netsol Water Solutions provide premium quality RO plants. By employing treated water in boilers, hot water heaters, cooling towers, food service, laundry and vending machines, our clients in the hotel business can see significant benefits. The use of a water softener system as a pre-treatment solution enhances the use of laundry services since it supplies softened water for washing clothes. By removing the minerals that cause mineral deposits, using filtered water also stops scale from forming on fixtures like faucets and shower heads.

            Application                                 Hotels
                Brand                                           Netsol Water Solutions
Material of Construction Stainless Steel, FRP
  RO Capacity (Liter/hour) 200-500 (Liter/hour)
Plant Accessories Chlorinator, Ultra Filtration Plant
Automation Grade Automatic, Semi-Automatic
Installation Available
Max Water Recovery  50-55 %
Minimum Order Quantity                                       1
       Purification Stages 6 Stage Purification
Input Water TDS Up to 2000 ppm
TDS            Adjustment option available
Warranty  1 Year 

Hotels that use our plants save money!

You save money with the high efficiency RO Water treatment by:

  • Decreased scale accumulation in fixtures and equipment.
  • Longer equipment lifespan and less expensive maintenance.
  • Decreased operating expenses.
  • Use of detergent and chemicals is reduced by 30–35%.
  • Increased linen durability

We provide customer satisfaction!

In the hotel business, customer satisfaction is the most important success component. The experience of your guests will be directly impacted by the quality of the water throughout your guest house or hotel. Nobody wants to live in a place where the water, ice, coffee and vending beverages have a poor flavour. Purifying your incoming water will inevitably increase equipment and appliance life and reduce the need for maintenance.

Select the best manufacturer of Commercial RO Plants for your hotel

A top quality selection of Hotel RO Plant is what we are able to offer by employing the abilities of our team. These facilities provide a practical and affordable method for treating water. High performance and durability are features of these plants. These separate impurities, unnecessary components, caustic salts, metals and chemicals from water.

Every solution offered is tailored to your specific needs and created to promote efficiency and savings for your hotel business, whether by decreasing detergent expenditure on laundry by 50–60%, extending the lives of your most expensive items or improving client experience.

The best is what your visitors deserve. We make it simple to give!

Your Commercial RO Plant for hotel should deliver high purity water for many years if it is designed properly, has a maintenance schedule and is supported by knowledgeable service personnel. If you want to buy wide range of Commercial RO Plant manufacturer, then call us at +91-9650608473 or send an email to

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