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What is the main problem with High Pressure Pumps in commercial RO plant? How to design the high pressure pumps for commercial RO plant?

What is the main problem with High Pressure Pumps in commercial RO plant? How to design the high pressure pumps for commercial RO plant?

Generally, High pressure pumps in commercial RO plants are prone to a variety of issues/problems , So what is the main problem with High Pressure Pumps in commercial RO plant including:

  1. Water-seeping(leaks) from the pump-head causing severe damage to the pump.
  2. Unusual sounds create abnormal noises .
  3. Boosting-pressure becomes poor.
  4. Seals on the driving piston are severely worn , resulting in air -leakage .
  5. A reversing valve becomes dirty and sometimes fails to move normally .

And because of above mentioned problems these high-pressure pumps are subjected to fail, which occurs due to the following reasons :

  1. Harsh coarse wear and tear following the presence of solids in the water.
  2. Various Chemical Reactions within the elements , oily & greasy matter and particles present inside it.
  3. Scaling and Fouling
  4. Cavitations

Pump failure is costly in terms of interruptions , delays , repairs , and damages . Understanding the reasons for failure can helps in selecting pumping equipments , decreasing the chance of failure .

Determine  if the high- pressure pump on the equipment has failed , as well as whether the water-treatment accessories ,  and consumables are in excellent operating condition.

If neither waste-water nor clean water  is discharged , or if only a little amount of wastewater is discharged, the prefilter may get jammed .

Explanation of Reasons for the High-Pressure Pump Failures in RO plant :

Abrasive wear is caused by solids in the water :

Because mineral water pump stations have greater levels of filtration, this type of wear is often reduced, albeit pebbles or other debris may become caught inside the pump and cause issues. This material is significantly more prevalent in raw water pump stations. Gravel occasionally makes its way into the completed water system, most often as a result of a construction project.

Different Reactions occurring Chemically :

Corrosion and impeller deterioration are caused by chemical interactions between the solution and the impeller material. Water variables such as the chemicals used for treatment, cavitation, and water temperature may exacerbate these issues. The corrosivity of the water in the pump impeller may be altered by how it is chlorinated by water operators.

Failure because of Cavitations developing :

Cavitation, which causes pitting and cracks in the impeller, volutes, and casing, can weaken the metal , increase flow resistance , and diminish pumping efficiency. The service life of the shaft and motor may be reduced as a result of the shock loads induced by cavitation. Cavitation and the difficulties it causes can severely diminish a pump’s life, reducing it in half or more in extreme cases.

Fouling due to outside particles accumulating

Particulate matter adheres to the inside surfaces of a pump, most commonly in distribution lines linked to the intake or outflow, resulting in fouling. As a result, pumping efficiency and flow capacity are lowered, and the system may eventually fail. This is an in-escapable problem, and it is especially prevalent in situations where the pumped fluid contains particles.

How to design the high pressure pumps for commercial RO plant?

Following steps must be required in order to design and construct a High-Pressure Pumps for a particular commercial RO plants :

Step 1 :  First Calculate the feed water flow rate( Qf) in cubic meters per hour .

Step 2 :  Calculate the recovery ratio(RR) in percentage terms .

Step 3 :  Calculate the pressure drop  across the membranes of the commercial Reverse Osmosis(RO) systems in bar(ΔPm) .

Step 4 :  Using the following formula  , calculating the pressure that’s necessary at the high-pressure pump discharge(Pd) in bars :

Pd = ΔPm / RR

Step 5 : Calculate the pressure drop(ΔPp) over the feed -water pipe and equipment .

Step 6 : Using the following formula, calculate the inlet pressure necessary at the high-pressure pump(Pi) in bar :

Pi = Pd + ΔPp

Step 7 : Calculate the specific energy consumption(SEC) of permeate in kWh/m3. SEC is the amount of energy necessary to create one cubic meter(1 m3) of permeate water and is calculated as follows :

sec=(Pd x Qf) / (3600x np)

where ηp is the pump efficiency .

Step 8 : Choose a high-pressure pump with the necessary input and discharge pressures as well as flow rate capacity . The pump’s power consumption may be computed using the following formula :

p = (sec x 3600) / np

where P is the needed power in kW .

Verdict: Pumps will almost probably require maintenance at some point , & having access to a pump expert who can come to you immediately to service your pump is vital . Because experts knows the optimum solution for the particular pump , the manufacturers are  also well qualified to undertake this maintenance as well as analyze & fix any difficulties one may be facing .

Designing a high-pressure pump for a commercial RO plant necessitates careful consideration of the feed water quality, recovery ratio, flow rate, RO membrane type , and fouling potential. The calculation technique described above may be used to establish the needed high-pressure pump specifications, such as intake and discharge pressures , flow rate capacity, and power rating. A commercial RO plant may achieve efficient and effective operation and high-quality permeate water production by carefully selecting and configuring the high-pressure pump.

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