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Types of Commercial RO Plant and Its features

Types of Commercial RO Plant and Its features

Depending on the use and need of the end-user, there are different types of commercial ro plant is available with us, but before this, we have to understand the use and different purposes of it.

Nowadays, there are lots of impurities and other issues found in drinking water or during the use of commercial water like food & beverages, pharmaceutical, etc, then there is the use of Commercial RO Plant arises.

Commercial RO plant helps to treat water in a large quantity in less time. It’s widely used for supplying the best and filtered water to buildings, apartments, and for industrial purposes.

RO treatment system is widely used by households, buildings, apartments, as well as small to heavy industries.  We At Netsol Water, Commercial RO Plant Manufacturer, provide different kinds of Ro Plants at one of the best and wholesale price.

In the RO market there are many terms are used by people and sellers. Some most common terms of industries are as follows-


LPH is commonly known as litters per hour.


RO is commonly known as Reverse Osmosis.

Types of Commercial RO Plant in the Market:

LPH RO Plant

Many industries rely on Commercial LPH RO Plant, used to separate the salt which is present from the brackish water. Industries dealing in water-related products, LPH RO Plant serve as a backbone, by which they get clean water for their different purposes.

The Best part of our manufactured Commercial RO plant is that it requires minimum maintenance and low power consumption with a one-year optimal guarantee with the best performance.

Industrial RO Plant

Industrial RO plants are widely used in cleansing water impurities in the industry for boiler, and other equipment where fresh and pure water needed for the product or to save the machines. Industrial RO Plant is designed and manufactured by us is the design and developed by the need and requirement of the client. RO Plant makes it so much in demand for robust structure, simplicity, and flexible design.

Compact RO Water Plant

Compact RO Plant is small in size and takes low space for installation. The salient feature of the RO plant is easy to install and handle.  This compact and small commercial RO plant is suitable for use, it has many other wide applications.

Other than the above-mentioned RO water treatment plants which are used commercially there are many other types of commercial RO plants which are widely used such as Industrial Reverse Osmosis Plant Manufacturer, Turnkey Mineral Water Plant Project, Industrial water filters, commercial reverse osmosis systems, Effluent Treatment Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant, etc. The prime functions of all of these remain the same which is treating the water to remove impurities so that it is suitable for consumption along with some additional features.  

Netsol Water Solutions is the leading Manufacturer of RO Plant, Water ATM manufacturer as well as- Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturer and Effluent Treatment Plant Manufacturer. Call on +91-9650608473 or email at


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