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Commercial RO Plant Manufacturer In Faridabad

Reverse osmosis technology has become hugely popular for water purification in commercial establishments. With water contamination on the rise, commercial enterprises are installing RO systems to ensure the health and safety of their staff and customers. As Faridabad has emerged as a major industrial and commercial hub near Delhi NCR, the demand for commercial RO systems has increased manifold in the region. Now we discuss about best Commercial RO Plant Manufacturer In Faridabad.

Netsol Water has positioned itself as a leading supplier of customized and innovative Commercial RO Plants in Faridabad. With almost two decades of experience in the water treatment industry, Netsol has successfully installed hundreds of commercial RO systems across Faridabad and Delhi NCR.

RO Plant Services Offered by Netsol

Netsol is a full-service provider for Commercial RO Plants, offering end-to-end solutions tailored to specific needs of clients. Netsol Water is the best commercial RO plant manufacturer in faridabad at best affordable price also Our services include:

Water Quality Assessment: Netsol begins every project by testing the feed water quality and understanding usage patterns at the client site. This enables us to design the most optimal solution customized for the location.

Design and Engineering: We possess in-house expertise for designing suitable Commercial RO Plant that meets daily water requirement of the enterprise. Netsol is up-to-date with latest RO technologies to incorporate in the system design.

Equipment Supply and Installation: We supply, install and commission tailored RO plants at client site using high-quality components manufactured in compliance with international quality standards.

Operations and Maintenance: Netsol offers comprehensive AMC services for regular servicing, preventive maintenance, membrane cleaning and replacement to enhance longevity and performance efficiency of the RO system.

Applications of Commercial RO Systems

Some major applications where Netsol has installed RO systems are:

  • Hospitals and Healthcare Centers: RO water is used in patient food, cleaning, dialysis units and surgical equipment.
  • Hotels and Restaurants: For cooking, cleaning, laundry, Kitchens are heavy end users of purified water.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry: Critical applications use purified water is formulation, granulation, cleaning of equipment.
  • Electronic and IT companies: For air-conditioning units server rooms, canteen needs.
  • Public sector undertakings: At heavy engineering plants, office canteens

Specifications of Netsol RO Systems

Netsol commercial RO systems come fully loaded state-of-the-art features:

  • Automated Operation: The system runs unattended. It can be controlled remotely through a smartphone app.
  • Double pass RO: Ensures very high purity with total dissolved salts (TDS) level of 10-20 ppm in treated water.
  • Stainless steel pumps: Corrosion-resistant even with continuous water exposure. Much more durable than plastic pumps.
  • High purity storage tank: Made of food-grade steel. Prevents biofilm growth and eliminates need for regular cleaning.
  • Online microfiltration: Ultrafiltration membrane removes suspended particles, colour, and microorganisms from feed water.
  • Panel PC based control system: Achieves precision control over various sensors and valves for efficient performance.
  • Motorized valve operation: Automates regulation of input water. Reduces manual intervention significantly.
  • Sensor-based automated chemical dosing: Maintains pH and anti-scalant levels optimally.

Reasons to Choose Netsol Commercial RO Systems

Some key reasons why Netsol can be trusted for Commercial RO Plants:

  • Custom-built systems: Each plant tailored for type of feed water and water usage rate at location
  • High recovery rates: Upto 60% water recovery depending upon feed water TDS achieved through double pass RO technology
  • Low operating costs: Carefully selected components ensure significant reduction in power consumption
  • Excellent water conservation: Reduce daily water requirement by recycling rejected water
  • Stringent quality control: All vessels, pumps, membranes tested materially and dimensionally to guarantee output purity
  • Minimum downtime: Regular servicing and availability of parts locally diminishes downtime


With expertise spanning over two decades, Netsol Water delivers excellent quality commercial RO water systems built to last. Netsol takes every necessary step to supply 24*7 purified water across essential commercial establishments in Faridabad. By providing extensive customization and reliable after-sales support, Netsol strives to achieve maximum client delight.

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